Born in Pesaro in 1973, Andrea Pompilio grows up in a highly creative environment, his father being an architect, his mother a passionate painter and hailing from a family traditionally involved in the clothing industry.


The fascination for style, particularly men’s style, originates primarily from the figures of his two grandfathers: one a refined gentleman, the most elegant in town, the other an austere army officer, with an impertinent expression and his impeccable uniform with big gold buttons. That is the start of Andrea’s own creative path, even before he holds a pencil for the first time, and it’s no coincidence that tailoring and military are still among the key elements of his own design identity. Andrea’s grandma is also a major inspiration, particularly because of the fashion boutiques she owns and runs, where Andrea spends much of his time as a kid. When she asks 8-years-old Andrea what he would like to be when he grows up, he confidently replies: ‘a fashion designer’. From that moment on, the whole family supports him on the way to the fulfillment of his dream.


After graduating in fashion design at Pesaro’s Art Institute, Andrea moves to Milan to study at Istituto Marangoni, where he obtains the fashion design Master. He immediately starts collaborating with world-leading brands such as Prada in Milan, Calvin Klein in New York and Yves Saint Laurent in Paris, experiences which enable him to develop a personal and sophisticated style.


In January 2010 Andrea is ready to start a personal path, hence launches his first namesake men’s collection for season AW2010/2011. After participating at several editions of Pitti Immagine Uomo as a special guest, he wins the 2011 edition of Who’s on Next, the contest for emerging designers sponsored by Vogue Italia.
Since Spring Summer 2013, Andrea starts a collaboration with Japanese sportswear brand Onitsuka Tiger, introducing an iconic sneaker, only to then design, each season, the ‘Onitsuka Tiger x Andrea Pompilio’ capsule collection, a complete ready to wear proposition, ranging from footwear to apparel and accessories. In June 2013, Andrea debuts at Milan Fashion Week, being the first young designer to benefit from the support of Giorgio Armani, who hosts the SS14 catwalk at his own venue, the ‘Armani Teatro’.
In April 2014, Andrea is appointed creative consultant of the historical Italian sartorial house Canali, and hits the runway in June, with the SS15 Collection.


Andrea finds inspiration in observing every little detail around him, from passengers passing by the busy hall of an airport to a snapshot of everyday reality. He absorbs everything, reworks it and transports it into his collections, where the classic sartorial codes meld with urban influences. With the ‘Andrea Pompilio’ brand, he creates a mirrored image of his own soul: ironic, contemporary, international but always quintessentially Italian.

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